Cheating Free Online Exam Software for Teachers

Cheating Free Online Exam

ThinkMerit Classroom offers state-of-the-art Cheating Free Online Exam Software for Teachers, educators can efficiently manage their class’s knowledge on any of these devices such as tablets, iPods or laptops. Teachers can scrutinise student activities and evaluate performance in real-time, communicate through screen sharing, provide individual or team aid and execute coordinated education systems.

We let you concentrate on educating again! It seamlessly integrates Chromebooks into education systems and permits you to handle interactive touchscreens and VR devices in the ThinkMerit Classroom to assimilate immersive learning experiences into the curriculum.

Features of Cheating Free Online Exam:

  • Work inside your classroom or administered (house/institute).
  • Communicate educator or student screens with the class.
  • Distribute content and share websites.
  • Use a multi-user whiteboard for communal learning.
  • Transfer live camera and sound stream.
  • Watch live thumbnails of students’ screens.
  • Work alongside or remotely seize control over screens.
  • Hold students on-task and use device use guidelines.
  • Lock screens to maximize alertness and underrate distractions.
  • Share files using your preferred cloud storage (Google/Microsoft).
  • Conduct surveys and examinations.

Key Benefits of Cheating Free Online Exam:

AI-based Test Termination
  • Flagging suspicious activities in the state of colour codes.
  • Auto termination is based on the violation of a pre-defined regulation.
#1 Cheating Free Online Exam Solutions
Advanced Cheating Free Online Exam Solutions
Test Access Code
  • Set access code to add one additional layer of security to your question paper.
  • Share it with students just before the exams to maintain the confidentiality of the paper.
Live and Remote Proctoring
  • Our platform integrates the advantages of automated proctoring and lives remote proctoring to uphold exam probity.
  • Our proctoring solution integrates AI with a human touch to offer the hybrid solution using which proctors can meddle in real-time to manage potential dishonesty as soon as it transpires.
Best Cheating Free Online Exam Solutions
Cheating Free Online Exam Solutions
Voice Detection
  • AI-based voice detection system goes beyond listening for distinct keywords or phrases, such as “OK Google,” to determine suspicious students and stop cheating remotely.
  • Alerts are offered to proctors in real-time to pop into the online exam session via in-built chat or video to intercede and terminate the student if needed.
Face Recognition
  • Candidate face identification before starting the exam and throughout the exam to assure the right candidate is appearing in the exam.
  • Export all the activities from the logs panel in an excel sheet or PDF as proof.
Top Cheating Free Online Exam Software
Best Cheating Free Online Exam Software
Safe Exam Browser
  • Hassle-free web browser environment to conduct online examinations securely.
  • Control candidate activities, disable screen sharing or access to any other websites.

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