Assessment Management Software in India

Assessment Management Software

ThinkMerit Classroom offers state-of-the-art Assessment Management Software in India, educators can efficiently manage their class’s knowledge on any of these devices such as tablets, iPods or laptops. Teachers can scrutinise student activities and evaluate performance in real-time, communicate through screen sharing, provide individual or team aid and execute coordinated education systems.

Our Assessment Management Software let you concentrate on educating again! It seamlessly integrates Chromebooks into education systems and permits you to handle interactive touchscreens and VR devices in the ThinkMerit Classroom to assimilate immersive learning experiences into the curriculum.

Features of Assessment Management Software:

  • Offer an interface for programs to document annual program assessment reports.
  • Monitor which exam reports have been submit and which not.
  • Keep annual assessment reports where they can be examined and compared over years.
  • Export reports beyond the system.
  • Administrative planning and reporting.
  • Online assessment procedure creation and inspection.
  • Mapping to objectives and assessment results.
  • Curriculum mapping and dictate.

Key Benefits of Assessment Management Software:

Multiple Assessment Management Software
  • Intelligent cheating prevention system to detect any suspicious activity in the online assessment with an AI-based algorithm enabled.
  • Maintain the integrity of online assessments.
Student Assessment Management Software
Digital Assignment Management Software
Paper Preview and Answer Sheet Review AMS
  • Preview and Review of question paper aid in bridging the gap between offline and online exams.
  • Students feel comfy and assured once all the questions and the answers marked are perceptible using a single click on the screen.
Auto terminate and Resume
  • Warning Alerts and Automated termination in case of any suspicious activity assists in upholding the credibility of online assessments.
  • The resume button supports in offering a second chance to students in case of power failure, the laptop shut down or network issues without yielding already attempted questions answer.
Online Assessment Management Software
Assignment Tracking Software
ML Based Assessment Management Software
  • For adaptive learning ML-based engine is enabled.
  • Each student gets a custom set of problems to solve based on their progress. Question is recommended to the student is based on the history of tries and exactitude.
Physical Behaviour Tracking
  • Detects suspicious behaviour, identifies the true identities of test-takers, and restricts the use of unauthorized applications.
  • Our algorithm detects and records any suspicious changes in a student’s physical behaviour.
Best Assessment Management Software in India
Top Assessment Management Software in India
Portable Supported Assessment Management Software
  • To create things easier for teachers and students, we also made the portable device version functional for our users via an App.
  • Creating an assessment, conducting and proctoring exams can be taken using any portable device.

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